Are you looking for strong Baton Rouge personal injury attorneys for your physically or psychologically damage?  BEALL & THIES, LLC comprises of one of the most professional team of attorneys in Baton Rouge, LA.

As an aggressive and experienced injury attorney in Baton Rouge, Russell W. Beall and William W. Thies take the time to understand how your injury has impacted your life.  This is the foundation to ensuring we get the right amount of compensation for your loss while upholding every legal right.  Our clients are important to us and our goal is to make sure that each one receives personal attention and is secure in knowing you have skilled attorneys working for you.  Our attorneys are not only qualified but considerate in our mission to help victims of an injury.

We handle all types of injury, including but not limited to, Motorcycle Accidents, 18-Wheelers Accidents, Burns, Electrocutions, Dog Bites, Slip and Fall Accidents, Defective Premises, Product Liability Accidents, Medical Malpractice, and of course,  Automobile Accidents.  These are the types of accidents which result in fractures, back injuries, neck injuries, lacerations, bleeding, disability, lost wages, loss of earnings, loss of function, brain damage, amputations,  paraplegia, quadriplegia, and other serious injuries.

Hiring an injury attorney in Baton Rouge to help you through an injury case  requires placing trust in a lawyer who has great experience in handling such cases.  For over a decade we have successfully handled claims and presented individual stories before both judge and jury.  Much of our success in handling different personal injuries is attributed to the team approach, which includes a collaborative strategy between you, your friends and family members, third-party witnesses, experts, and our lawyers.  If a case looks like it will proceed to trial, we make certain our client has regular litigation meetings with us.

Ask us about our success rate.  We are proud of our track record.

If you have been injured, do not wait…..Contact us for your personal injury claim.